Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung has a new naming scheme for its smartphones

Samsung's naming scheme for it smartphone can get a bit confusing. We know the Galaxy S is the flagship, SL must mean "lesser S", and that you have the three named Ace, Fit and Mini and those who have no names and just have numbers, like the 551 and the 5.

Samsung has come up with a new more rational naming scheme for its Galaxy line of smartphones. The flagship Samsung retains the "S" designation. The next levels are the "R" which is one level lower than "S", and than and the "W". These all considered high end phones. Mid-level phones will be sold under the "M" label while entry level Galaxy phones will be sold under the "Y" label. Those with physical keyboards will be named "Pro". For example "Galaxy M Pro". 

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy M Pro and Galaxy W.

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