Saturday, August 13, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango - Its a winner

When I was taking a look at a new smartphone last February I liked the Windows Phone 7 interface best. Most people have not had a chance to try Windows Phone 7 and assume that it is not very different from an iPhone or Apple's iOS. Watch this video to see the difference.

I decided to pass on it since it and get an Andorid becuase Windows Phone 7 lacked some key features I find important:

1. Copy & paste.
2. Multi-tasking.
3. Bluetooth file transfer.

That was six months ago. What a difference six months makes in the mobile world. Copy & paste was added, Mango bring multi-tasking in a manner than would make my Android envious. Still no bluetooth file transfer. The ability to sync the phone to your PC via WiFi reduces the need for this. Still I hope this feature is added to Windows Phone 7 one day.
Windows Phone 7 has always had a good focus on people. It has tight social networking integration from the start. As a communications mobile OS it is second to none.

In the next video, Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows Phone, shows off some of the new features coming to Windows Phone Mango.

Should you consider Windows Phone 7. The best and most intuitive mobile phone interface, just got a power user upgrade. You should definitely give it a good look.

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