Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazon launches the Kindle Cloud Reader: HTML 5 bites Apple in the back

Steve Job's has long wage a war against Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5. Apple products by default do not support Flash, and there is not flash support in Apple iOS products.
HTML5 has advantages and some disadvantages as against Adobe Flash. Both technologies are likely to co-exist for several years to come. One advantage of HTML5 is the ability to render web pages which provide functionality equivalent to an app installed on the device. 

Using HTML5 technology, Amazon launched its Kindle Cloud Reader, which provides offline and online access to e-books through a web browser. The Web based e-reader is available at No downloading or installation required. Cloud Reader will automatically sync with other Kindle apps, allowing you to start reading on your PC, and continue where you left off from a iPhone, iPad or Kindle.
At this point, Kindle Cloud Reader works with Safari on the iPad and desktop and Google's Chrome.
Amazon took this approach because to avoid the 30% Apple takes from apps and ebook purchases through iPhone apps.  So it looks like the technology that Steve Job's push so hard is going to cut into profits from Apple app sales.

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