Thursday, August 25, 2011

Symbian Belle

Symbian Belle, the latest updated to Nokia Symbian S^3 operating system will bring a pull-down notification shade, re-sizable widgets, a one-tap method to add them, a scrolling application list of icons and additional home screens, all in making Symbian OS decided Android looking. 

Copycat or not, it looks good, and one reason I chose Android was that it looks some elements I liked from the Windows Mobile and Symbian interfaces. Now I wonder whether Nokia needs Windows Phone 7 at all. They have brought Symbian to a level where its biggest problem is not the interface, but support since its end-of-life has been announced, and they also have a interesting MeeGo handset.

If Symbian Belle had been ready when the Nokia N8 had been release last year, I suspect things would be very different today.

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