Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September is for Mango

I was expecting a new Apple iPhone in September, but that has been pushed back. Microsoft has been preparing its Windows Phone 7 Mango to be ready before the launch of the iPhone 5, for what I think will be the start of the final assault. The operating system is ready, we are just waiting for the phones.

HTC, which has a long history with Microsoft will be bringing its best foot forward this September. BGR reports that be announcing the HTC Eternity, a Windows Phone 7 Mango device featuring a 3.7-inch display and the HTC Omega with a whopping 4.5-inch screen. The 4.5-inch screen on the Omega is a bit smaller than the rumored 4.7-inch device HTC was preparing for Windows Phone 7. 

Samsung will be releasing two new Windows Phone 7 devices, one probably being similar in specifications to the Galaxy S II. I also expect to see new smartphones from Acer,, Dell,  LG and ZTE Corporation and of course, Nokia.

I expect all the devices to be launched will be targeting the mid and high end segment of the smartphone market. I don't expect to see lower cost Windows Phone 7 Tango devices till 2012.

This is either the start of Windows Phone 7 rise in the market, or the start of the end. We will all find out in a few months.

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