Monday, December 20, 2010

Smart Communications + Windows Phone 7 = Disaster?

With two-for-one deals abroad and a surprisingly low local retail price for the flagship HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone, it looks like Smart Communications may have chosen the wrong horse to bet on. Globe Telecom offers both the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S, although when we inquired with at a Globe Hub, there appear to be no current stocks of Galaxy S phones. Given that both phones occupy similar price points, offering only one at a time makes sense to us.

Against the iPhone 4 and arguably the best Android in the market, the Galaxy S, Smart Communications has chosen to sally forth the HTC Mozart. The HTC Mozart is being offered free by Smart Communications with a Php4,000 two year contract. We already posted that it does not seem to be as good a deal as Globe's iPhone 4. Now with its bigger brother selling for Php29,900 unlocked, the HTC Mozart from Smart Communications is not looking like a very good deal. 

Smart Communications would have been better off trying to get the Android powered HTC Desire or better a Desire HD or Google Nexus S to do battle with the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S. As things stand right now, it looks like the decision of Smart Communications to back Windows Phone 7 is a disaster.

Smart Communications has excellent service a good selection of plans. All it needs is better phone selection for its postpaid customers.


  1. they shouldve just made the plan more affordable.

  2. At a reasonable Date Plan 2o00 or Plan 2500, it might have resulted in a strong Windows Phone 7 launch in the Philippines. You do have to give some kind of subsidy to early adopters. But WP7 came in as a premium product despite being the new player.


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