Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HTC HD7 arrives on Philippine shores, is priced

YugaTech reports that the HTC HD7, the flagship Windows Phone 7 offering of HTC is now available from the local HTC distributor. This HTC HD7 is a behemoth of a phone with a large 4.3-inch screen. Local pricing is Php36,900 (for the 8GB internal storage model), which puts it 2K below the Apple iPhone 4 8GB, and 6K higher than the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. After the scathing review at GSMArena it is hard to recommend this phone. If you want a 4.3-inch HTC monster (we do), than we suggest you wait for the HTC Desire HD, which should be out within an month at about Php34,900.

Update: CMK Cellphones has the HTC HD7 (16GB model) listed as a "Coming Soon" item at the price of Php29,900. Now that makes it a much more interesting proposition. 

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