Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Food for thought: iPhone 4 or Android + iOS

Thinking of buying a iPhone 4, there is a Android plus Apple combination we think you may want to consider. The entry level iPhone 4 with 16GB of memory, unlocked and with a official  Apple warranty has gone down to Php35,000.  This is down ten percent from a month ago. 

If you are thinking about forking over 35K for the iPhone 4, you way want to consider getting a LG Optimus One P500 which sells for as low Php12,450 and a Apple iPad (16GB) at Php23,990. With this combo, you won't even miss the lack of 3G on your Apple iPad, since the Android phone can act as a WiFi hotspot for your iPad. You cannot do this with jailbreaking an iPhone 4.

Even if you want a higher end smartphone, you way still want to stick to an Android plus iPad combination. This is to avoid having to get the 3G model for the iPad. It will save you Php7K, since with an Android phone you wont need the 3G version of the iPad. In addition, if you get an unlimited data plan for your Android phone, you wont need to get a separate plan for your iPad.

Just some food for thought.

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