Friday, December 17, 2010

Apple Tablet Officially Launched in the Philippines

It's been in the country eight months, and is on everybody,s Christmas wish list (except for those who already bought one). Even it detractors would not mind seeing one stuffed in a Christmas stocking. Better late, than never, the Apple iPad is officially here.

Image from the Apple Store Philippines
Starting at Php23,990, that is a good Php7K lower than its initial "release" price in the Philippines, and lower than the Php25K discounted price it has been offered by other resellers.The cheapest 3G model is priced at Php30,990. The top of the line model with 3G and 64GB,s of storage is priced at Php40,990.  The iPad is now more affordable than ever. Now would not be a bad time to get an Apple iPad. 

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