Saturday, December 4, 2010

Globe Telecom (Apple iPhone 4) v. Smart Communications (HTC 7 Mozart) @ Plan3799

Plan 3799 is little or a lot depending on how much you use a mobile phone. But Globe Telecom's Plan 3799 is a nice sweet spot in its Fully Loaded plans. Why, because Globe Plan 3799 comes with a free mobile phone, the Apple iPhone 4 16GB and a unlimited data access.

Smart Communications has several unlimited data plans* (please see not below)  for mobile phones starting at Plan 1500 to Plan 4000. But if we want to do a comparison between what Smart offers at Php3,799 a month we will use Smarts Plan 3000 to approximated Globe Plan 3799 and Smart highest end smartphone offering, the HTC 7 Mozart.

Apple iPhone 4

Globe Plan 3799 -
  • Free Apple iPhone 4.
  • Php3799 consumable credits.
  • Globe-to-Globe calls - Php6.00 per minute
  • Globe-to-Other networks - Php6.50 per minute
  • SMS rate - Php1.00 

While different persons will consume their  monthly credits in different ways, for purpose of comparison we will use pattern of monthly usage:
  • Internet Access - Unlimited
  • Calls - 463 minutes (50% Globe-to-Globe/50% to other networks)
  • SMS - 900 SMS

HTC 7 Mozart

Smart Mobile Internet Plan 3000 plus 799 a month 

  • HTC 7 Mozart at P2,500 cash out.
  • Calls to all networks - 300 minutes 
  • SMS to all networks - 240
  • Smart-to-Smart - Php4.58
  • Smart-to-Other networks - Php5.60 per minute
  • SMS rate - Php0.51 

Since we had to cash our for the phone, we will pro-rate the P2,500 over the two year lock-in at Php105 per month  leaving  Php694 in "credits":
  • Internet Access - Unlimited
  • Calls - 370 minutes (50% Smart-to-Smart/50% to other networks)
  • SMS - 900 SMS

Globe's Plan 3799 will give you the iPhone 4 and 93 more minutes of phone calls. It looks like the better of the two deals on my opinion.

January 2011 update: Smarts unlimited data plans is apparently subject to additional charges for some other data services. We are still trying to verify what data services do not fall under the "unlimited" data. Globe Telecom's unlimited service offers tough unlimited data access. Please not some restrictions apply to BlackBerry users.

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