Thursday, September 22, 2011

AMD Fusion E-450 shootout: Sony Vaio YB VPCYB35AG v. Samsung Series 3 305U1A

Sony Vaio YB
I got word from the Sony Concept Store at the Mall of Asia that the updated Sony Vaio YB, model number VPCYB35AG is now available. The laptop has the following specifications:

  • AMD Dual-Core E-450 APU with AMD Radeon™ HD 6320 Graphics
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Starter 32-bit
  • 11.6 inch wide (WXGA: 1366x768) TFT colour display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 320 GB (Serial ATA, 5400 rpm) hard drive
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • HDMI Output
This is an upgraded version of the AMD Dual-Core E-350 powered Sony Vaio YB released last February. It is offered in the same three colors as before: silver, silver with a green lid and silver with a pink lid. Is is also offered in a new color, with the entire laptop in a nice stark corporate looking black.

The retail price is Php26,999, which is 3K less than the release price of the Sony Vaio YB released last February. 

Subjectively, the Sony Vaio YB was my favorite AMD Fusion powered ultraportable. Objectively, in comparison with the HP Pavilion DM1-3016AU, the HP DM1 was the better deal. 

Samsung Series 3 NP305U1A

How does the new Sony Vaio YB fair? The new Sony Vaio YB challenger is now the newly released Samsung Series 3 305U1A. Both laptops are powered by AMD E-450 APU, have 2GB of RAM and 11.6-inch screens. Here is a quick comparison of their other specifications:


Sony Vaio YB - 3.2 pounds
Samsung Series 3 NP305U1A - 2.7 pounds


Sony Vaio YB - 320GB
Samsung Series 3 NP305U1A - 500GB


Sony Vaio YB - 3500 mAh
Samsung Series 3 NP305U1A - 4000 mAh

Operating system

Sony Vaio YB - Windows 7 Starter
Samsung Series 3 NP305U1A - Windows 7 Home Basic


Sony Vaio YB - Php26,999
Samsung Series 3 NP305U1A - Php23,900

Not much of a competition actually, the Samsung wins in all the categories where the two laptops differ. On subjective matters, I like the Sony's keyboard better.

What about the HP Pavillion DM1? Well it still runs on the older AMD E-350. While the E-450 is just a 50MHz bump on processor speed it it support DDR1600 memery and the graphics chip can overclock on demand 200MHz faster than the E-350. The E-450 is substantially faster, taking the HP Pavillion DM1 out of consideration until it gets its own upgrade. Check of the E-350 v. E-450 benchmarks here at Mobility Update.


  1. This series is a best series; I also want to buy Sony Vaio. It's has best features. Thanks for information.

  2. Nice and awesome design this is the beginning of new series.

  3. Thanks for providing a very good information on this website.It helps a lot of people for choosing a lap....

  4. samsung is great,. matte screen is the winner

  5. I bought the Samsung Series 3 unit a few days back for only P17,500 cash price. For that amount it was very good. I am really starting to be a Samsung fan. The trackpad is very responsive (unlike the Sony YB, trackpad is not great or maybe the demo unit at Sony is a little worned out already). The screen is so crisp and vivid. It's also very nice to type at. The unit was returned though as I don't think it was brand new as it had some signs of wear specially the battery which registered at 95% capacity, and the charger was a bit loose. Otherwise, it would have been perfect.

  6. p17,500 for samsung series 3, bn at sm manila,

  7. i got my blue samsung series 3 305u1a at OCTAGON over a week ago. thumbs up for this gadget! price was 17.9k, freebies: a buffalo ODD, an 8gb kingston flash drive, and an extended xmas gift promo of 500php worth of accessories! it's the best deal in town! - joey legazpi

    1. btw, the branch was at SM Dasma... sealed brand new unit.... :) - joey legazpi

  8. Recently upgraded the RAM at 4GB. Great. Simply Great.. - joey legazpi

    1. is it capable of multitasking? I really need a netbook that can handle web development softwares

  9. This is already killed by the new Vaio T series.



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