Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Nexus Prime specifications

The next month should be pretty exciting in the mobile phone world. I would expect that the long awaited iPhone 5, or iPhone 4x at least be announced before the end of next month. It is already more than two months behind schedule. We might even see a new lower cost sibling accompany it. What the specifications will be are subject of numerous speculative articles spanning the web.

Last years Google Nexus S

The next generation Google Android reference phone (the "Nexus") will be announced at about the same time. We speculated on that phone in a previous post.  The specifications of what people have started calling the Nexus Prime is getting clear now. Based on the technology Samsung displayed on the Galaxy Note and GSM Arena's information on the upcoming for Korea only (for now at least) LG LU6200. From this we can expect that any next generation Nexus phone would have the following specifications. I am guessing the LG LU6200 was actually LG's submission to Google as the next Google Nexus phone. HTC would have something similar going through the pipeline by now too. Samsung, well we heard they got the contract to build one.
  • Screen size: 4.5-inches or larger
  • Screen resolution: 720 x 1280 or 800 x 1280
  • RAM: At least 1GB
  • Processor: 1.4GHz dual core or faster
  • Camera: 8MP or higher

We might even see USB-on-the-go. I am personally hoping for a stylus so we can take full advantage of some great software like Autodesk Inc.'s SketchBook Mobile Express.

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