Saturday, September 3, 2011

Free mobile internet from Globe Telecom via the m.Globe service

Globe Telecom has launched a new mobile service, called m.Globe that offers free access to your Twitter, Facebook Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live mail for free. In addition you can search Google, read news feeds, watch UAAP games, check movie schedules and previews, and download music, all for free. m.Globe access is offered to postpaid and prepaid users.

There are to ways to access this service:

1) The service can be accessed though an Android app, if you are using an Android device.
2) If you are on a different operating system you can access the service with a web browser by going to

Before accessing the service you need to register by simply sending an SMS to 2910 with the message "m.Globe", without the quotation marks.  

Leaving the m.Globe portal or app and going to a third party website will incur data charges.

m.Globe is a stab at SMART Communications Netphone, and Globe tag line says it all "With m.globe, no need to spend for a new internet phone." This service looks like it will take out a lot of the steam out of SMART's new product.

You can find a comparison of the two services at this link.

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