Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The ultimate ultraportable for 2011: The Sony Vaio Z2 (Z217GG/N)

While MacBook Air's and Intel's Ultrabooks get all the press these days, the best ultraportable in the market is still the Sony Vaio Z, or more precisely the updated 2011 Z2 model. 

The Sony Vaio Z2 at 0.65 inches is a thinner than Apple's MacBook Air. At 2.6 pounds in weight, it is 0.4 pounds lighter than the MacBook Air. Instead of Intel Core i5 processor found in the MacBook Air, the Sony Vaio Z2 boasts a Core i7 processor. In addition the the Sony Vaio Z2 has a full HD 13.1-inch 1020p (1980 x 1020 resolution) screen,  dual 128GB SSD drives which can run on RAID 0 and has both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt (Light Peak) technology. You wont find this technology in any other ultraportable today.

It even comes with it's own Portable Media Dock which upgrades the Intel 3000HD graphics to AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics with 1GB of dedicated RAM and has Blu-ray player.

It beats every 13-inch ultraportable in the market by a fairly large margin. Unfortunately, in cost it beats it's competition by a large margin too. All this Sony Vaio Z2 tech costs, and it costs a lot. How much? A the Sony Vaio Z2 will set you back Php149,999, and that is the promotional cash price.

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