Thursday, September 15, 2011

Smart Communications All-in Plans

Smart Communications All-in plans are similar to consumable plans, but the new All-in plans allow you to buy services using your plans credit, unlike in the consumable plans where they are add-ons.

The All-in plans are bundled with interesting phones. The basic All-in Plan 500 has a choice of several phones including a Huawei IDEOS Android phone. All-in Plan 3500 can get you Samsung mighty Galaxy S II for free. 

The All-in plans can also bundled with interesting services. I suspect the favorites will be the Php350 add-on for 2,500 SMS to all networks and the unlimited data at Php1,000.

Right now I am on Smart Unlimited Data Plan 2000, and spend a bit more than 2K every month. If this package had been available earlier, I think I would have availed of an All-in Plan 2500 and bundled it this way:

a) Unlimited Smart-to-Smart calls - Php500
b) 2500 SMS to all networks - Php350
c) Unlimited data  Php1,000.

This would leave me Php650 for calls to other networks (that would be good for 86 minutes of calls to other networks), long distance calls and international SMS.

You can customize you Smart All-in Plan at this link.

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