Monday, September 5, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango is here. So what is Nokia doing?

In February 2011, Nokia announced that it was moving its high end smartphones over to the Windows Phone 7 platform, and would be phasing out Symbian over two years.  It also ended MeeGo development, or so we thought. 

Since than, it has been more than six months released a Symbian Anna X7 and a MeeGo powered N9. Nokia has announced Nokia N500 with a 1GHz processor running Symbian Anna, the Nokia N600 and N700, also running 1GHz processors but this time sporting Symbian Belle. Nokia also leaked its new flagship the N801.

It looks like Nokia has been doing anything but getting a Windows Phone 7 device out in time for the Mango release.  Worse, Windows Phone 7 Mango has gotten little support from the industry so far.

Fujitsu's WP7 Mango device

Fujitsu came out with as Windows Phone 7 Mango slated for Japan only. HTC has stepped to the plate and greeted Mango with the massively impressive Titan and the more conventional Radar. But these devices won't be available by October, and they will initially be made available in Europe only.

Windows almighty - HTC's 4.7-inch WP7 Mango Titan

Samsung just went through IFA 2011 without a mention of a Windows Phone 7 Mango device, though there are rumors of a Galaxy Omnia W. The "W" in its name tells us that is will be a single core device with a 3.7-inch screen. Nothing much to get too excited about. LG has not stepped up to the Windows Phone 7 Mango plate so far. Acer has its W14, but this looks like a mid-level device.

With the next iPhone hitting the market in a month or so, and Google Android Ice Cream platforms coming out soon after that, I feel like Nokia missed the best window of opportunity to fire up a killer Mango device. 

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