Friday, June 21, 2013

Acer Aspire P3-171-5333Y4G12AS - The laptop evolved

Acer has released the Core i5 version of is Aspire P3 in the Philippines. Acer release a lower cost Core i3 version last May.

The Acer Aspire P3 is a hybrid device. It basically is a 11.6-inch Windows 8  tablet with a detacheable kryoard which also serves as a protective case. Priced at Php38,900 you get a a HD display, Core i5-3339Y processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 120 GB SSD,

What makes this package interesting is its portability. The entire package weighs in at a light 1.74 pounds. That is three-fourth of a pound less than a 11-inch MacBook Air. It is also incredibly thin at 0.4-inchers. Battery life is also rated up to 6-hours, which does fall behind the latest 11-inch MacBook Air.

The Acer Aspire P3 has no touchpad, so you are really left with just the touchscreen. This type of design which really showcase what Windows 8 is all about. But this is also a bit worrisome. Without the touchpad, it won't be the best option for using it with traditional Windows apps. Software designed for mice and touch pads are not necessarily finger friendly. Things like the Microsoft Surface Pro seem like a better transitional device, with touch for "Metro" and a touchpad for your good old Windows desktop apps.

The other area you should look at is timing. Intel Haswell is out. A Haswell powered P3 should give this device a 10 hour battery life. So as nice as the Acer Aspire P3 is, it is tempting to wait, or at least wait for some steep discounts.

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