Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Deal on the MyPhone A919 Duo from Sun Cellular

Sun Cellular is offering the 5-inch HD MyPhone A919 Duo phone at just Plan 450. Sun Plan 450 is a pretty nice plan which can be selected to included:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS within the Sun network 
  • 250 SMS to other networks
  • 20 hours of mobile internet

Over a period of 30 months, that is just a Php13,500 commitment. It is a really great deal when you consider it comes with a phone which retails for about Php7,000 these days. Effectively, its like buying a MyPhone A919 at 30 months zero interest and getting the calls, SMS and data for just Php217 a month.

Errata: Apparently the model offered by Sun Cellular free at Plan 450 is the lower cost A919 and not the A919i so I have corrected the article.


  1. Good phone, good price. I guess it's time for me to have a Sun backup phone.

    1. The phone has two SIM slots, so you have room for a third network as well.

  2. I'll reserve the other slot for my Globe prepaid which I can't let go. One thing i like with mediatek chipsets is that both sim 1 and 2 supports 3G albeit one at a time. It's pointless to lock sim1.


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