Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications BlackBerry Z10 - A Tale of Two Z10's

There are two versions of the BlackBerry Z10. Globe Telecom's version is the Qualcomm powered version, with a LTE modem. The retail version and the one carried by Smart Communications is the "lesser" Z10, powered by a TI OMAP processor and which only comes with an LTE version. Is there any reason to get the Smart BlackBerry Z10.

A BlackBerry device will probably appeal to those whose primary use for a phone is email and messaging. The BlackBerry HUB integrates email, SMS, MMS and instant and direct messages into one neat hub and I will configure the plans accordingly.

Looking at the carriers two offers at Php2,000 a month, this is what you can get:

Globe Telecom @Php1,999 a month.

On Globe Telecom 

I would avail of the device this way:

Plan 1799
Cash out: Php4,800 paid over 24 months
Total monthly: Php1,999 
I would configure Plan 1799 to include: 
a) Unli Surf  - Unlimited LTE Data (800 MB per day cap)
b) Three All Net Texts - This gives you 375 SMS to all networks for Php300. This would normally cost you Php375,
c) Two Globe/TM Calls - Tis gives you 40 minutes of calls to Globe or TM for Php200. This would normally cost you Php260.
d) Consumable unused - Php601 for other calls and SMS. Calls within the Globe of TM network will cost you Php6.50 per minute. Calls to other local numbers will cost you Php7.50 per minute. SMS cost you Php1 per SMS sent.

Total package:

Unli LTE Data + 375 SMS to all networks + 40 minutes calls to Globe/TM + 80 minutes of calls to Globe/Smart/TnT/Sun/PLDT and others.

On Smart Communications

I would avail of the device this way:

All-In Plan 1800
Cash out: Php4,800 
Total monthly: Php1,800Cash out: Php4,800 
I would configure All-Plan 1800  in this way: 

a) Unli Surf  - Unlimited HSPA Data (1.5 GB cap after which speed slows down)
b) Tri-Net Plus 400 - This gives you 500 minutes of calls to Smart/TnT/Sun/PLDT and 2,000 SMS to all networks
c) All Net Talk 250 - This gives you 80 minutes of calls to Globe, Smart and Sun
d) Consumable unused - Php150 

Total package:

Unli HSPA Data + 2,000 SMS to all networks + 500 minutes calls to Smart/TnT/Sun/PLDT + 100 minutes of calls to Globe, Smart and Sun

Compared. The Globe Telecom BlackBerry Z10 is the more desirable unit. Getting a BlackBerry Z10 from Globe will get you an LTE phone with an LTE data plan. 

Still, Smart's all-in plans On Smart, you lose LTE and get HSPA connectivity, but in exchange you get 1,625 more SMS, 60 minutes more of calls to Globe and 420 more minutes of calls to Smart/TnT/Sun/PLDT.


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