Monday, June 3, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 battery life test (Qualcomm LTE version)

In these days of phones with 2000 mAh+ batteries with large 4.6+ displays, the BlackBerry Z10, like Apple's iPhones stand out with smaller displays. The BlackBerry Z10 mates a 4.2-inch HD (720 x 1280) display with a 1800 mAh battery.

There are two versions of the Z10. There is the Globe Telecom model with a dual core Qualcomm Krait processor which is the same processor found in the international version of the HTC One X/S and the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The version offered by Smart Communications and found on retail shelves is powered by a Ti OMAP 4470 processor which is an updated version of what you find in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from 2011. Update consists in giving the Ti OMAP 4470 a dedicated 2D graphics core which should save power when doing light tasks.

The test results here are for the Qualcomm version.

Talk Time

Sony Xperia SP - 19 hours 49 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S 4 - 18 hours and 3 minutes
Sony Xperia Z - 16 hours and 3 minutes
LG Optimus G - 15 hours and 30 minutes
HTC One - 13 hours and 38 minutes
Apple iPhone 5 - 8 hours and 42 minutes
BlackBerry Z10 - 8 hours and 20 minutes

Being built of older technology, the BlackBerry Z10 does not perform spectacularly, but surprisingly is falls more than an hour behind the international version HTC One S which used the same processor with smaller battery. Looks like BlackBerry 10 software could use some more optimization.

Web Browsing

HTC One - 9 hours 58 minutes
Apple iPhone 5 - 9 hours and 56 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S 4 - 7 hours and 24 minutes
BlackBerry Z10 - 6 hours and 27 minutes
Sony Xperia Z - 6 hours and  27 minutes
Sony Xperia SP - 6 hours and 18 minutes
LG Optimus G - 5 hours and 15 minutes

On the web browsing tests, the BlackBerry Z10 does decently enough, but falls well behind the HTC One and Apple iPhone 5. 

Video Playback

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - 12 hours and 30 minutes
Apple iPhone 5 - 10 hours and 12 minutes
HTC One - 10 hours and 2 minutes
BlackBerry Z10 - 8 hours and 44 minutes
LG Optimus G - 7 hours and 30 minutes
Sony Xperia SP - 7 hours and 27 minutes
Sony Xperia Z - 5 hours and 39 minutes

The video playback tests are decent enough, and are in line with the web browsing tests,

Standby (with 1 hour of calls, video playback and web browsing per day)

Samsung Galaxy S 4  - 69 hours
Apple iPhone 5 - 51 hours
Sony Xperia SP - 51 hours
HTC One - 48 hours
Sony Xperia Z - 48 hours
BlackBerry Z10 - 46 hours
LG Optimus G - 45 hours

The standby like the talk time falls behind the Xperia Z and SP. Based on the web browsing and video playback results, the BlackBerry Z10 should have performed better. So it looks like BlackBerry needs to do some work optimizing the radio.


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