Monday, June 10, 2013

Something BIG is coming from Cherry Mobile

Cherry Mobile is launching a new device soon and have released this teaser.

Click for a larger image

Not many clues from the teaser. It is identified as a Phablet, so we can pretty much assume it is going to have a display bigger than 5-inches, but smaller than 7-inches. The picture shows a 12 MP primary camera, and indicates that both camera's will have from and back back-lit sensors ala the Cherry Mobile Omega HD and Omega HD 2.0. Of course, it will be an Android device.  The have left us with one last clue, clue "TWO.ZERO". I am not sure what that means.

Thanks gents! Leave us hanging.

Wouldn't a 5+ inch Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 be sweet? Anyway, that is what I am betting on.


  1. "TWO.ZERO" means "2.0" like in Omega HD "2.0" obviously

    1. Thanks. That makes sense. So we are expecting a Titan 2.0 or Skyfire 2.0 (well we have already seen that one).


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