Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook Home

Mark Zuckerburg was right, Facebook does not need a Facebook phone. Facebook can make millions of existing Android phones Facebook phones. 

Facebook announced a new Facebook app for Android, Facebook Home. Facebook Home will  be available for the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note IIHTC One X and HTC One X+,  by April 12, 2013 from Google Play. It will work on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One once they hit the market. HTC is also releasing a phone, the HTC First, with Facebook Home as its default launcher.

Facebook Home partners include AT&T, Orange, Qualcomm, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, EE, ZTE, Lenovo, and Alcatel. So expect Facebook Home to come, or be compatible with more handsets in the near future.

I really cannot comment on the new app right now, except to say it is a launcher that which places Facebook in you lock-screen and home screen. Sascha Sagan over at PCMag has a excellent article on Facebook Home at this link

The reaction from Android users is varied, but I see it as a good development for Android. It's a free app, so if you are a Facebook user on a compatible device, I see no reason not to give it a look. 

This is an Android exclusive app. Something like this cannot run on iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone. For Facebook users, it could become the Android killer app. In a strange way, rivals Google and Facebook 

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