Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lenovo Thinkpad EDGE E130 (3358-AE8 and 3359-89NA)

A month ago we saw the 11.6-inch Lenovo ThinkPad EDGE 135 hit the market. The EDGE 135 is a solidly built Ultraportable with an excellent keyboard. Priced at Php26,990 with an AMD E2-1800 APU is was a bit on the expensive side, laptop with the processor bering priced Php3000-6000 less.

Lenovo has released in the Philippines the Intel sibling of the Lenovo ThinkPad EDGE 135, the Lenovo ThinkPad EDGE 130. Two versions of the EDGE 130 are available. One comes with an Intel Core i3-2365M) processor, 2 GB of RAM and Windows 8 for Php28,500. Note, this system in based on the older Sandy Bridge technology. 

The second one, priced at Php30,790, comes with Intel Core i5-3337U processor and 4 GB of RAM, but does not come with an operating system. This one is a more modern Ivy Bridge based system. This is the one I like better. I like the fact that it does not come with an operating system so I can install my preferred Linux distribution instead.

Relative performance (Passmark Benchmarks - Higher is better) 
EDGE 135 (AMD E2-1800) - 850 
EDGE 130 (i3) - 1622  
EDGE 130 (i5) - 3345

Both laptops come with 500 GB hard drives and 6-cell batteries which should provide about 6-7 hours of real world battery life.

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