Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HP Pavilion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B164TU

While there are many touch enabled Windows laptops in the Philippines, the majority of them are fairly expensive. I do not have any data, but from what I see in the wild, and what smaller stores carry, it looks like laptops priced under Php30,000 are what most consumers are willing to pay for. At below Php30,000 you don't have all the many choices. At the 11-inch form factor you have two versions of the Asus Vivobook x202e. For 14-inch laptops you have a pair of  Acer's 14-inch V5-431P's, and one of the Asus Vivobook S400 laptop comes in at just 30K.

Well, now there are six. HP now has a low cost touchscreen offering, the Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14. The HP  Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B164TU is priced at Php25,990 but its specifications are not too impressive. Out of the box, it comes with a meager 2GB of RAM and it is powered by an older generation Sandy Bridge, Intel Core i3-2375M processor. It does comes with a pair of USB 3.0 port. The other specifications are what you expect, with a HD (768 x 1366) display, a 500 GB hard drive webcam,  the usual wired and wireless connectivity options and weighing in a just under 4.5 pounds.

All-in-all it is priced well enough against the other touchscreen Windows 8 laptops.

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  1. The touch smart feature is really cool that's why I bought my HP Pavilion laptop at (, two months ago and I'm still amazed on how the touch screen feature works. It's also great for its price.


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