Friday, April 12, 2013

Final Fantasy Dimensions

I have always found the Square Enix titles on Google Play a bit expensive. Last December, I picked up Chaos Rings at 50% off, and was pleased with my purchase. A bit of a spoiler, Chaos Rings has four parellel story lines, so it has a lot of playing time. But after finishing two parallel story lines,  I kind of figured the whole thing out and did not feel like completing the last two. Gameplay gets a bit repetitive. 

Last March, I picked up another Square Enix title, Final Fantasy Dimensions again at 50% off. It does not have the nice 3D graphics of Chaos Rings or even something like KEMCO's excellent Symphony of the Origin. Final Fantasy Dimensions is a 2D game. One with a bit of a learning curve. But once you get into the fairly intricate job system, it is really makes for interesting gameplay. The storyline itself, in my opinion is top notch. You do have to be careful to follow it closely, but if you do, it is an interesting enough story to merit your attention.

Having close to thirty (30) hours playing time in the past thirty days, that is twice as many  hours than I usually devote to gaming in a month. Needless to say, it has certainly kept me interested. I just started the third chapter, so about halfway. Given that it is likely to ramp up in difficult as I go along, this game should give a good 60-70 hours gaming time. An I am likely to replay it, to explore the jobs system more (I did not do a great job of selecting "jobs" in my first run). 

Now, Final Fantasy Dimensions is not a cheap app. It's US$13.99 (if you buy it as a set, but you can buy it by chapter) on iTunes and US$19.99 on Google Play. While I got it for 50% off, I realize now that it is worth the full price. As soon as I am done, I will be getting Final Fantasy III and  IV, whether or not they are on discount, once I am done with Final Fantasy Dimensions.

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