Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LG Optimus G versus Google Nexus 4

The LG Optimus G and Google Nexus 4 are essentially the same phone. Both phones are powerful quad-core Androids with large 4.7-inch HD displays.  The Optimus G was LG's flagship phone for 2012. The Nexus 4 is a modified Optimus G manufactuer for, and sold under the Google brand. The Optimus G is selling for as low as Php24,500, with an official warranty. The Nexus 4 can be had for a few thousand less at Php21,250, also with an official warranty.

What does the LG Optimus G give you for the additional 3K or so.  

1. The Optimus G has more internal storage at 32 GB, as against the Nexus 4's 16 GB. This is important since neither phone has a microSD card slot.
2. The Optimus G has a LTE radio, while the Nexus 4 is limited to HSPA.
3. The Optimus G has dedicated capacitative buttons, so the screen is not occupied by the home, back and multi-tasking buttons. The Nexus 4 uses on screen buttons, effectively making its screen smaller. I thin on screen buttons are cool though.

Despite being cheaper, the Nexus 4 has on advantage. Being Google's top of the line phone, it gets software updates faster.

Which is better? It depends. If you want LTE or more storage, the Optimus G is the obvious choice. If these two don't matter, saving a few thousand is never a bad thing.

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