Saturday, April 20, 2013

Smart ‘Shock Proofs’ all postpaid plans

Smart Communications Press Release.

[18 April 2013] Say goodbye to unexpected data charges as wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) introduces its Anti-Bill Shock (ABS) feature across all of mobile and broadband postpaid plans.

“‘Bill shock’ is now a thing of the past,” said Smart Postpaid Business Head Kathy Carag. “From today, all data charges from our postpaid offerings will be capped to certain amount so that our subscribers could enjoy worry-free surfing 24/7,” she said.

Data charging has been identified to be one of the leading causes of ‘unexpected charges  particularly for subscribers using Internet-enabled smartphones.

Based on internal data, a number of mobile users are not aware that their new phones automatically connect to data services. This ‘background connection’ incurs charges which may result to excessive monthly bills.

With ABS in place, Smart Postpaid users who are not enrolled to either an Unlisurf or Always On package will be charged the default rate of P10 per 30 minutes until his or her data charges reach a total of Php1,200.

To illustrate, a Smart All-In Plan 500 subscriber who has consumed P300 worth of voice and SMS services and unknowingly keeps his or her data connection on will only be charged a maximum of Php1,500 until the end of the billing cycle.

Similarly, Smart Bro Postpaid users who exceed their monthly allocation will also be charged the default rate of P10 per 30 minutes until his or her data charges reach P999.

If a Smart Bro Flexisurf Pocket WiFi Plan 599 subscriber for example exceeds the 50 hour monthly allocation, he or she will only be charged an additional Php400 for the excess data charges. The plan then essentially turns into an unlimited surfing plan until the next billing cycle.
“It’s worry-free mobile surfing at its best,” said Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Lloyd Manaloto. “Come try out the best data connection only from the network with four times more fiber power,” he said.

Manaloto refers to Smart and parent firm PLDT’s modernized mobile network which has been super-charged with 54,000kms of fiber optic cables (FOCs).

FOCs, unlike legacy copper wiring, uses beams of light to deliver and receive data from the core network to the base station and vice versa.

“Our fiber-powered network can handle millions of calls, billions of texts, and trillions of bytes of data, said Manaloto. “We have the only truly future-proof network in the Philippines.
To know more about Smart’s data plans, visit or go to a Smart Store nearest you. [END]


  1. hindi ba mag-ooffer ng ipad mini plan ung smart?

  2. does it cover all post plaid plans? even corporate one?


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