Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome: Tech Media Disbelief of the Post-PC World

I was reading an article in PC World, entitled When the PC is obsolete, how will you do this, and this, and this. There have been many other similar point of view expressed recently. Unfortunately, this is an illustration of how a significant portion of the tech media seems to be, more and more, out of touch with the real world. 

If you develop software or write for a living, whether it be a novel, a ten page product review or even a short post like this, you won't want to do it on a tablet. At least not yet. But if you read a novel, or a ten page product review or this post, do you really need a laptop or desktop to do that? 

On this humble blog, each post is read hundreds, and some posts, thousands of times. One writer, hundreds of readers. For a large publication, one writer and hundreds of thousands of readers. For a bestseller novel, one writer and millions of readers are their compared to readers. For a new piece of software, you have one to several dozen developers, and a ten million downloads.

Basically, for each productive PC, you will have hundred, thousands or millions of consumption PC's.

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