Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nexus One end its life as an Astronaut

Remember the first Google Nexus phone, the HTC built Nexus One? It looks like the phone is ending its life as an Astronaut.

As part of a new project to lower the cost of satellites, NASA successfully launched NASA's 10cm-cubed CubeSat Satellites. The CubeSat's are constructed from commercial off-the-shelf components, which each satellite costing between US$3500 and US$7000 to build. To keep the costs down, unmodified smartphones are used as the computer for the satellite. Three Android powered HTC Nexus One phones get the honor of powering the first CubeSat's.

They Nexus One's are equipped with a larger lithium-ion battery pack and a more powerful radio for transmitting data. Other than that, it really is just an off-the shelf Android phones. The phone camera is even used to capture and transmit images.

I was pretty sure I would be picking up a Samsung Galaxy S4 to replace my HTC Desire HD. Now, I really feel like maybe taking ONE more spin with HTC.

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