Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two more HP Touchscreen Laptops: HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B132TX and 14-B133TX

HP has released two more Windows 8 touchscreen laptops in the Philippines, the HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B132TX and 14-B133TX. The two new offerings are more powerful higher end models of the HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B164TU we took a look at earlier.

The HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B132TX is priced at Php29,990, which is 4K more than the lower end HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B164TU. The additional 4K is well worth the money.

Comparing the two, the Sandy Bridge i3 on the lower end model, was upgraded to an Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3-3227U. This means you also get an upgrade from Intel HD 3000 graphics to Intel HD 4000 graphics. In addition the 14-B132TX also gets a discrete graphics card, a Nvidia GT 630M with a 1GB of dedicated RAM. You also get double the RAM at 4 GB, and 50% more storage at 750 GB.

If you can spare the additional 4K, I would recommend the 14-B132TX over the 14-B164TU. 

The third model is the HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B132TX which is priced at Php33,990. The only upgrade the 14-B133TX has over the 14-B133TX is the processor, which is a Intel Core i5-3337U. Best advice I can give you on whether it is work the additional 4K is to check the PassMark benchmarks.

  • Intel Core i3-2375M - 1943 PassMark points
  • Intel Core i3-3227U - 2690 PassMark points
  • Intel Core i5-3337U - 3213 PassMark points

At Php29,990, the HP Pavillion Sleekbook Touchsmart 14-B132TX looks like the best bang for the buck model. The substantial hardware upgrades are worth the 4K price premium over the 14-B164TU.  The 14-B133TX with its Core i5 processor would also be worth the additional money for those needing more power.

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